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Sara Morton is an alternative process artist & photographer from Atlanta GA based in Dallas TX. Sara graduated from LaGrange College in 2014 with Bachelors of Art in painting/drawing & photography. In 2017, Sara graduated with her Masters of Fine Art in photography from The Savannah College of Art and Design. Sara’s photography involves the hand of the artist and concentrates on alternative processes. Her work is created by blending multiple mediums such as photography and painting. 



Sara is currently focusing on the cyanotype process which is created by painting with light sensitive chemicals and then exposing them in UV light producing a cyan blue print. This process is a historical process created in the 19th century and was also known as the blueprint process. Within Sara’s process she uses digital negatives to make contact prints of her images as well as manipulating the prints by exposure time and playing with the chemicals. Her investigates her personal relationship with nature and emotions. 



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