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Emily Kenney is an artist currently based out of Fort Worth, Texas. She describes herself as an avid nature enthusiast, and a firm believer that experiencing the outdoors is good for the soul, which is reflected in her vibrant landscape paintings. 


Born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, she has been passionately pursuing all things art related since she could hold her first pencil. Inside her studio, one of the first things you’ll see alongside her work is a framed childhood drawing with the words “When I grow up, I want to be an artist,” scribbled at the bottom. Her love for creating led to studying art in college, and she earned her BA from The Ohio State University in 2016. Shortly afterwards, she started teaching classes for a “paint and sip” company, which then led to painting and selling her own work, and the rest is history. 


Feel free to follow along with Emily’s artist journey, and for more behind the scenes peeks at her painting process on all social platforms @EmilyKenneyArt.


Emily Kenney is an acrylic painter best known for her vibrant landscape paintings, as well as her bold use of color. She loves to travel and explore - sparking endless inspiration for her artwork, and is a firm believer that experiencing the great outdoors is good for the soul. Her paintings are loose and expressive, as she seeks to “bring the outdoors in,” and document the beauty that can be found no matter where you may live.


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