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Joseph Schuler is an abstract artist based in Fort Worth, Texas. His work focusses on
the abstract, gestural layering of forms to convey personal emotion. Born in
Bloomington, Illinois, Joseph began drawing as child and was quickly encouraged to
continue his artistic pursuits by his peers and family. Throughout his early years as an
artist Joseph took many art lessons and classes allowing him to hone his skills and
experiment with a variety of mediums. In 2018, Joseph moved to Texas to further
pursue his artistic passions at a collegiate level. After earning his Associates of Arts in
Visual Arts from Tarrant County College in 2022, Joseph moved on to University of
North Texas where he is currently taking courses to earn a Bachelor of Fine Arts. As a
student, Joseph is continuously shaping his practice and exploring new modes of artistic

To me creating art is about communicating with oneself, understanding your emotions,
and experimenting with self-expression. In my work I focus on the development and use
of an abstract language that allows me to study and express my feelings
simultaneously. I use my surroundings as inspiration for my color palettes, but the
layering of the colors and forms is never pre-determined. Rather, I seek to let the
composition unfold within the ephemeral moment of each painting session.


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