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Kaia is a Fort Worth based artist known for her surf-western-themed drawings, surfboard upcycling, and unique cowboy hats.


Her brand Surf Cowboy has gained traction through her fun presentation on social media. She has recently had the opportunity to create work for some big names, including Mick Fleetwood, Brittany Broski, and Hila Klien.


She draws inspiration from her surroundings. While living in Maui, her work reflected the surf culture and natural environment she engrossed herself. Since relocating back to Texas, she is leaning more toward the cowboy of Surf Cowboy with western culture at the heart of this new artistic era. In her most well-known, she uses cowboy hats as her canvas, creating unique, wearable works of art.


I do not limit myself to one medium or concept. I continually evolve while weaving my eclecticism throughout each piece and artistic chapter.


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