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My name is Karen Fleming from Fort Worth, TX. I see myself as a self-taught artist, but my experiences in life have led me to this point. I’m a twenty-year US Air Force veteran. My job in the military included the inspection and repair of personnel parachutes. This no doubt gave me a mind for close attention to detail. Wearing the same clothes as everyone around taped into my need to be different and a desire to mix colors into my wardrobe and life.  

After military retirement in 2009, I had a business in refurbishing and recovering furniture. I pursued a BFA in Interior Design at the Art Institute in 2013. Pursuing this discipline tapped into an artistic talent through the curriculum of art history, hand rendering, sketching, and drawing classes. It was here that I realized that I could pursue my career as an artist. 

I was once asked, “where do I find my inspiration?” My response was from my life, conversations, and listening in on the dialogue of others and emotions (negative and positive).


After using different media experiences, I’ve become a mixed-media artist. The time I spent in the military pushed my imagination toward wanting to create something different. So far, I have used pencil, ink, watercolor, wood, acrylics, and computer graphics in this pursuit.

I look forward to learning as many different media forms as I can. 


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