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Rebeca Compean-Serrano is a Mexican-American artist born and based in Dallas, Texas. Working predominantly with water based media and printmaking, Rebeca has been able to contribute her take on themes regarding culture and environment through works representative of where she is from. Rebeca’s upbringing within a Mexican household located in an underprivileged neighborhood have given her the inspiration to make work that interprets her view and place in society. As a result of on going creativity throughout her life, Rebeca obtained a Bachelors of Fine Arts from the University of Texas at Arlington in 2022. Graduating magna cum laude, Rebeca achieved many things throughout her time at university, which include being published by The Compass Rose in 2021, as well as participating in the Emerging Great Women Artists Exhibition in 2022. Moving forward, Rebeca aims to continue creating work that combines attributes of her Mexican culture and her American life. 



Most people present themselves based on the general community they belong to. Many find pride in being a representation of where they are from and what their ancestry is. This sense of self has been evident since early stages of society and will continue to be a prominent pillar in self-identity.

My work is a representation of the experience of being from Mexican descent and living in the United States. Throughout my work, I apply different cultural references that keep me connected to my roots. A common denominator in my pieces is the strong use of bold color to emphasize the extent of the influence my surroundings have on who I am.


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