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My body of work consists of these little fictional creatures I call
“Pipapeeps”, and
they reflect a large part of my personality and sense of humor. I
often place these little creatures in my paintings, digital illustrations, sketches, and
collages and they now partially serve as my artistic signature. I originally created
these little happy buddies with the intention of keeping them private in personal
sketchbooks while I was a young teenager in high school. I did not plan on sharing
these little doodle creatures with the world until I attended Cambridge’s School of
Visual & Performing Arts in the United Kingdom for My Master’s in animation
and illustration.
One of my tutors at my grad school caught me drawing the Pipapeeps in my
notebook during class, and he insisted that I make my Master’s thesis only about
Pipapeep. After much time and consideration, I decided to take his advice and thus
my small character brand business was born! I have been working on this Pipapeep
brand officially since 2020, and I aim to keep Pipapeep running for as long as I
possibly can.
My goal with Pipapeep now is to simply spread joy and happiness in the art
world. Often times cartoons, simplistic doodles, and colorful whacky characters are
typically not associated with fine art. With this in mind, I hope for Pipapeep to act
as a bridge between pop culture animation and high end art. I aim to reel in my
audience by creating solid and well balanced compositions with the simplicity of
Pipa’s design as the main focal point atop abstracted backgrounds that contain a
palette of rainbows and some texture.


What are Pipapeeps? Pipas are genderless, soft, squishy, little pocket pals
you can take everywhere with you! Pipas come in different shapes, sizes, and
personalities just like you and me! Pipas are sweet and docile creatures with big
hearts and little nubbies! Pipapeeps are often referred to as “Pipas”, “Peeps”, or
“Peeeeeeeeps”, and they love to hide in secret corners, soft blankets, and wherever
they can catch a warm nap in some sunlight. They are usually caught with neutral
expressions as they tend to be in a perpetual state of confusion, however, when
they are in a good mood, they will give you a little smile and squeak a happy
“peep!” just for you! They have a squishy consistency and are adorned with little
triangle ears and a perfect curl for a tail. Pipapeeps are loyal and joyous, and will
remain your friend so as long as you treat them with kindness. Pipapeeps are a
symbol of love and joy, and only have the intention of spreading kindness
wherever they go!


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