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Rachel Townsend, is a mixed media artist from Grapevine, Texas (Dallas/Fort Worth area). She has passionately been pursuing art for as long as she can remember. At the age of 3 when she drew her first portrait on a cardboard box. This led her parents encourage her development of her skills. She took countless art lessons throughout her childhood, educating her in various mediums, where she excelled in each one. In high school her definition of art was quickly broadened and she was encouraged to take stylistic liberties. Rachel went on to develop her style at the University of North Texas where she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Drawing and Painting in 2018. Immediately after graduating, she welcomed her first born son. In March of 2021, Rachel began marketing her work under the name: RTOWN.

In January, Rachel began RTown Studio + Showroom, what has become RTown Art Gallery. A flex space designed to build a community of professional artists to network, promote and market their work, as well as encourage the next generation of artists. She not only creates and shows her own work there, but offers lessons and events to the community, as well as offers opportunities for independent artists to share and sell their work. RTown Art Gallery is located on Main Street in Grapevine, Texas. 

Artist Statement

I have a love for color, texture, and making "it" work. My art is not only a reflection of myself but the world around me. It is a visual description of humankind. With each day, humans (we) are presented with new challenges, lessons, and opportunities.


Often, we can't control our circumstances or what life throws at us.


We take on more than we can chew.

We make new friends.

We lose loved ones.

We mature and become polished versions of ourselves.

We change.

And the list goes on.


How those moments cause us to shift and grow are the layers that shape us into who we are. 

In my work, I apply that same ideology by merging various mediums together. Each artwork takes on a personality of 'their' own. Starting with similar materials, similar methods for making, they turn out different by happenstance. They always create their own story. My work is not only aesthetically pleasing but it provides exciting details for viewers to notice in each piece time and time again.

~ RTOWN (Rachel Townsend)


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