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Connie Looper is a self-taught artist who was born and raised in Kansas and has been living in the Dallas/Fort Worth area most of her adult life.  She began painting in her teenage years, inspired by nature and the world around her.  After many years of painting as a hobby, an early retirement allowed her to focus more on her art, and her love for painting continued to flourish.  Working primarily with acrylics on canvas, her pieces range from the abstract to loose landscapes and textured works.  She believes there are always new and interesting subjects and techniques to explore. 


Growing up with a mother who loved fashion and home styling and a father who is a craftsman, I developed a passion for art and creating at a very early age.  As an artist, I’m always paying close attention to my surroundings.  When I was young, I used to take long walks around our farm, noticing everything from the ground I was walking on to the vastness of the sky above me and everything in between.  I found myself collecting leaves, pine cones, even interesting sticks and weeds.  I was simply fascinated by nature - the textures, the colors … all of it.  These things have found their way into my art and still inspire me every day.  I wish everyone could see the world  through the eyes of an artist.  I think creatives see the world around us in all its beautiful detail, appreciating every nuance. 


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