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Grapevine Contemporary 2024 Group Exhibition


April 2024 - Solo Exhibition by Alex Duncan

May 2024 - Solo Exhibition by DALE

June 2024 - Yeehaw Group Exhibition


"That's Life, Baby" by Tyler Shelton, Feb. 2023

Grapevine Contemporary 2023 Group Exhibition, March 2023

Compressed Into Transparency by Donny Nie, April 2023

Yee-Haw! Group Exhibition, May 2023

Let's Get Figurative! by Michael Van, June 2023

"Weather, Probably" by Maggie MacDonald, July 2023
"More Is More" Gallery Extension Group Show, August 2023

by Tsz Kam, Presented by Meow Wolf Grapevine, September 2023

2nd Annual Black & White Group Exhibition, October 2023

Year Of The Rabbit by Amy Tigner, November 2023

"Less Bitter, More Glitter" by Collette Flowers

"Worlds Collide" by Victoria Morales


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