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I believe now in my golden years life has come full circle. I‘d heard that said many times and
wondered what it meant. Now I know. I am a self taught mixed media artist but I began as a
make-up artist. The Gorton Center in Lake Forest Illinois brings in renowned actors and
playwrights throughout the year. They are one of the most highly acclaimed studios in the
United States. I volunteered there while working full time in a cosmetic studio. I met and
visually transformed wonderful actors like Cicely Tyson.
Moving back to the full circle, I describe myself as organic, tenacious and experienced in so
many different walks of life. I couldn't cover them all here of course. My father had the greatest
impact on me. His biological parents were from Alcase-Lorraine and Berlin. He was orphaned
at birth and raised by the Chilean Indians in Santiago Chile. When the only mother he knew
died her family sent him on a ship into Ellis Island at 14 years old. Our relationship was one of
both love and education. His beliefs and ways with the earth and universe that he grew up with
became my magic. I learned during our walks about plants that heal or provide food or could
hurt us because they were meant for a different purpose. Weather patterns and how they move
and why. What the colors of the sky meant. All these thoughts are incorporated into my art. I
love it all.
I often use organic plant materials. Organic fabric fibers and parts of our trees. Eco dyed
papers and eco dyed textiles using flowers. My found objects of all types are from all over the
world. Botanical pieces incorporated into watercolors for example. Paper hand created from
rags that is centuries old. Minerals and metals that originally came from within the earth. My
relationship with my art and my life are wonderfully connected.

My art making came to a pause while employed as a marketing director for Kimberly Clark
Corporation for over 20 years; now retired. Seems paper has always been a part of my life. I
have 3 sons who are amazing men now. I have 3 grandchildren who give me tons of joy. I will continue to share my vision of art which comes so naturally to me I can't say what comes next.


I'm fascinated by the many forms of texture and color which I can combine and bring into or onto one surface. I love it when nothing matches yet it becomes so cozy and comforting to the eye. Combining various textiles, found objects, ecological and botanical elements brings me to a familiar place that’s calming. The inspiration and excitement in my heart urges me to continue to create and share my love of art with the world around me.



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